Hi folks !

I’ve just released a python wrapper around the unreal remote http api. It allows you to control your unreal 5 session remotely, directly using a simple python api.

If of course, needs to have the remote control plugin installed on your unreal session.

You can access UObject, Blueprints, or remote preset, remotly. And get / set properties or run functions.

# Init the connection
conn = upyrc.URConnection()

# Get Remote UObject by path
chair_path = "/Game/Maps/TestMap.TestMap:PersistentLevel.StaticMeshActor_2"
robj_chair = conn.get_uobject(chair_path)

# Access property directly on URemoteObject object
auto_lod_generation = robj_chair.bEnableAutoLODGeneration
# Set property the same way
robj_chair.bEnableAutoLODGeneration = True

# You can also load a editor blueprints
blueprint_path = "/Game/Maps/TestMap.TestMap:PersistentLevel.BUA_TestBlueprint_C_1"
blueprint = conn.get_uobject(blueprint_path)

# And a function with argument(s) too and a return value:
function_result = blueprint.run_function("SimpleTestFuncArgs", MyString="Hello from python !")
# ---> In Unreal: LogBlueprintUserMessages: [BUA_TestBlueprint_C_UAID_D89EF37396CEAA5E01_2120751343] Hello from python !
# >>> Function result: {'OutputData': True, 'MessagePrinted': 'Hello from python !'}

It’s all available on github here: Unreal remote api wrapper. Check the readme and the wiki for more infos !