HoudiniExprEditor 1.4.5 !

New feature added in Houdini expression editor, the support of shelf tools edition ! A small bugfix on watcher files cleaning is also available in that version. As usual, available for free here !

Houdini expression editor Py3 !

Hello all ! I’ve slowly started to make the tools compatible with Python 3, the first one completed is Houdini Expression Editor which is now fully compatible Python 2 and 3. Tested on Houdini 18.0 py3 tech preview build. It is available for free as usual, here !

Houdini expression editor v1.3.2

  • February 24, 2020
  • Update
  • GuillaumeJ

A new version of Houdini expr editor is now available. This includes a new feature: Windows => External python source editor, which allows you to edit session’s python source code with your external editor. The code will be available as normal code edited with the regular Python source editor, using hou.session.my_code.

Houdini 18.0 compatibility

Hello folks ! All the tools on cgtoolbox.com are now compatible with Houdini 18.0 which was released last week ! For Python 3.7 support, it is scheduled for beginning of next year ( 2020 ). In the meantime, there is no guarantee that the scripts will work with the Python 3.7 build of Houdini 18.0.

HoudiniExprEditor bug fix

  • July 31, 2019
  • Bug fix
  • GuillaumeJ

The version 1.2.2 of HoudiniExprEditor has been released. It’s a small bug fix where a crash could occur when a python module of an asset is udpated while referenced by parameters on the node UI. Available here !